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Perennial Wood Cleaning RecommendationsTo prepare the cleaning solution, add 1/4 cup of regular household bleach and 1/4 cup of powdered laundry detergent per gallon of water. Use one gallon for every 150 square feet of decking, porch flooring, and/or railing. Follow safety guidelines for handling and using household bleach and protect bleach sensitive items. CAUTION: Do not use more than 1/4 cup of bleach per gallon of water, as this can damage the coating and underlying wood. 3. Spray solution on a small section of ...

Perennial Wood porch flooring on display at SBMA 2013 ...perennial wood porch flooring will be among the many new building products on display at the Southern Building Materials Association 2013 Building Products Buying Show, Feb. 6-7, in High Point, N.C..

Perennial Wood | For Pros | For Architectsperennial wood is a long-lasting, real wood decking and porch flooring solution for your projects.

Perennial Wood | Where to BuyFind the nearest location to buy perennial wood, real wood decking and porch flooring that lasts like composite decking.

Perennial Wood | Products | Porch Flooring - Porch Boardsperennial wood porch boards are modified at the molecular level, so they can be refinished and repainted without affecting their ability to endure.

Perennial Wood | Products - Wood Deck Boards, Railing Kit, Posts ...perennial wood is made to endure the elements. Available for deck boards, fascia, posts, rails and porch flooring.

Perennial Wood | Resources | FAQs - Maintenance FAQsDo I have to use perennial wood Deck Finish or can I paint perennial wood? perennial wood Deck Finish is the recommended coating for perennial wood decking since the performance of this waterborne system has been validated and the colors are designed to match the original facto

Porch Flooring, Perennial Wood| EcoBuilding Pulse Magazine ...20 May 2013 ... Modified through a proprietary process, this wood porch flooring stands the test of time.

Perennial Wood | Resources | FAQs - Porch Flooring FAQsFind answers to frequently asked questions about perennial wood porch flooring.

Perennial Wood | GalleriesVisit the gallery to view images and videos of decking, porch flooring and furniture made with perennial wood.

Perennial Wood | Site MapAbout Us · Decking · porch flooring · Railing. Scroll up. Scroll down. Decking Gallery · porch flooring Gallery. Scroll up. Scroll down. Downloads · Installation · FAQs · Where To Buy · Warranty Registration. Scroll up. Scroll down. For Architects · For Contractors. Scroll up. Scroll down. News & Press · Contact Us. Scroll up. Scroll down. Skip Navigation Links perennial wood/Site Map. Skip Navigation Links. Products · Decking · Deck Boards · Touch-up Pens · porch flooring ...

Choosing a Finish for Perennial Woodperennial wood accepts most types of exterior stains and paints and can be refinished as desired. To achieve the wood look you want and the desired maintenance level consider the following: porch floorING PAINTS. For best results, choose a high quality exterior porch and floor paint (typically a solventborne polyurethane, an all-acrylic latex, or waterborne alkyd) and a fully compatible primer and follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. Make sure the porch is dry and ...

Perennial Wood | Galleries - Decking PhotosVisit the decking gallery to view photos of decking made with perennial wood.

Perennial Wood | Products | RailingRAILING KIT The perennial wood railing kit has a stylish, three-piece architectural design incorporating contoured edges with straight, clean linesadding form and function to your deck. All kits come in convenient six-foot lengths and include rail-to-post connectors for easy installation. If you prefer a unique look, ask your contractor about custom options for a look that's truly your own. TruLast Technology, bowing and warping are greatly reduced, for balusters that stay straighter for ...

Perennial Wood | Resources | InstallationLearn how to install perennial wood, wood decking and porch flooring.

Perennial Wood | Products | Porch FlooringThat's why it's important to choose porch flooring that endures. And it's why contractors, architects, and do-it-yourselfers alike should ask for perennial wood. A WELCOME INNOVATION porches are places where families relax together. They connect communities to that slice of Americana where we wave to those who pass by and welcome all who stop. A porch also connects us to outdoors and nature. Unconfined by walls, we linger on porches to enjoy their shade, a breeze, and the ...

Perennial Wood | Galleries - Porch Flooring PhotosVisit the porch flooring gallery to view photos of porch flooring made with perennial wood.

Perennial Wood Porch Flooring Installation Guideperennial wood is different from other porch flooring in that it is typically dry (5% moisture content or less) when it arrives at the job site As the porch flooring acclimates or becomes saturated, some expansion will occur, so proper installation techniques listed in THE MUST DOs section of this document should be followed If you have any questions, contact a perennial wood field representative or the perennial wood Customer Center at. 800-530-7495. Follow the required installation ...

Perennial Wood | Resources | FAQs - Decking FAQsCan I apply polyurethane to my perennial wood? There is no need to apply any type of protective coating to perennial wood decking. As with all materials, years of sun exposure will slowly fade the finish. If homeowners prefer to freshen up the finish for aesthetic reasons, perennial wood decking can be refreshed with a mild, pH-neutral cleaner, re-stained the same color, or recolored by stripping off the old stain and applying new. Do my deck plans need approval before I begin?

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