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Building a 24' X 20' Deck on Steep Slope | Deutsch, Decking and ...How to Build Your Own Elevated Deck on Uneven ground - DIY - Small Budget, Minimal Cuts. Backyard Deck DesignsBackyard DecksBackyard LandscapingHillside DeckDeck Ideas On A SlopeSmall Deck Ideas On A BudgetElevated Deck IdeasFloating DeckDeck Construction. This article will show you how to build a sturdy deck using common tools with minimal cuts and expense. Follow along for instructions, material lists and time and money saving tips and tricks.

Decking a Sloping Garden | easiest and most cost effective way to bring a sloping garden into use is by the provision of decking on a slope - Building a deck on a slope - easy to say; not the easiest of jobs to undertake and DO NOT try it alone! A good, well built deck on a sloping garden can be a safety necessity or sheer usage of wasted space. One of the other options is to go for ground cover shrubs - or maybe terracing the garden with its resultant retaining walls. But for space utilisation then a decking on a ...

Building Large Raised Timber Decking Terrace over sloping gardenOld patio which is also to be covered in the new timber decking project Managing Director still happy to get hands dirty with strting the sub frame operation! The first stage undertaken here with the large raised deck, was to get the upright support posts concreted into the ground to a suitable depth to allow for any 'made up' ground on the bank. This bank has been well consolidated over many years, so was able to take the posts for the large deck, without huge holes being dug out.

Building a 24' X 20' Deck on Steep Slope | Decking, Backyard and ...After the pour, we set our girt anchors to plum, aligned, and leveled. 15 piers in all, each directly under 15 6 x 6\'s that will support the entire frame. After backfilling around the sonotubes, the 2 x 2\' footer acts as an anchor. The footers are poured directly on bedrock 2\' deep. Find this Pin

Deck Footing On A Slope Grade - DecksGoHere is a rule of thumb for a deck footing on a slope so your deck will rest firmly and safely. The Seven Foot Rule is a good starting point.

How to Build Your Own Elevated Deck on Uneven Ground - DIY ...16 Oct 2014 ... They ranged from just over three thousand dollars to just over five thousand. I think...NOT! In a big time kind of way. Who needs to shell out that kind of cash? I'm way too cheap to pay that. We built this 8 x 20 elevated deck for just under five hundred. That's a fraction of what the professionals wanted. As you can see, ours has a solid plywood floor. This could be done in decking boards for a more traditional look. We are going to screen this in after building another ...

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