how to calculate fence staining square footage

How to Bid a Fence Staining Job | BizfluentMeasure the length and width of the fence. Multiply the two together to get the total square footage of the area to be painted. If the job requires you to stain both sides of the fence, double the square footage. Step 2. Find the coverage rate of the stain you will be using. The coverage rate will be listed on the side of the stain can or on a spec sheet from the paint retailer. If the coverage rate is 250 square feet per gallon, the gallon of paint will cover that many square feet of surface area.

Fence Paint Calculator: Determining Painting Costs | DoItYourself.comNow that you have the amount of square footage that needs to be covered, you can figure out how much paint you will need. Typically for fences you will use more paint to cover an area than you would for a regular wall because the texture is rougher. Usually a gallon of exterior paint will cover about 200 square feet for a fence so you can take your n

Job Calculator - Cabot Stain... About · Terms of Use · Privacy Policy · Contact. 1-800-US-STAIN. Copyright ©2016 Cabot. All Rights Reserved. DIY. PRO. Show / Hide Menu. Cabot Logo. DIY. PRO. Job Calculator. Interior. how will you be measuring? Feet (English). Meters (Metric). Enter square footage. Length Feet X. Width Feet. Get Your Estimate. Facebook Pinterest Twitter YouTube. Full Site · About · Terms of Use · Privacy Policy · Contact. 1-800-US-STAIN. Copyright ©2016 Cabot. All Rights Reserved.

How to Calculate Price Per Square Foot for House Painting | BizfluentWithin each area, measure each type of painting (walls, ceilings, etc.) separately. to save time, measure the length of each wall and add the lengths together. Then multiply the total by the height. The result is the square footage of the walls in that room. Ceilings, floors, decks and fences are also measured by square foot. Multiply the width by the height. Trim pieces such as baseboards, door casings and crown molding are measured in linear feet. Measure the length of each separate ...

Stain Calculator - Flood StainDetermine the amount of stain for your project. Use our Stain Calculator below to determine the number of gallons or liters required to complete your next stain project. Simply enter the dimensions of your project to instantly learn how much stain you will need to finish the job. Standard (ft) Metric (m). Choose Opacity Type. Choose Opacity Type, Transparent, Semi-Transparent, Solid. *Specify an opacity. Choose a Product. Choose a Product. *Specify a Product ...

Fence staining? (neighborhood, contractors, per square foot ...3 Jan 2011 ... Hi, Just got a new cedar fence installed and I'm thinking I'd like it stained - rather than letting it fade to gray. It's about 152' of fencing, plus the other side for a total of 304'. It seems like A LOT to do myself so I'm looking at having a professional do the job. Any ideas what the cost per square foot should be? I got an estimate from Viking for $.56 per sq ft including materials and labor but I'm wondering if that's high. Thanks for any suggestions or ideas! Rate this post ...

How to Calculate Fence Stain | Hunker28 Nov 2009 ... Measure the height of the fence from the ground to the top. If you only plain to stain one side of the fence, multiply this by the length of the fence to determine the number of square feet of fence you will be staining. If your fence is 100 ft. long and 8 ft. high, you will be staining 800 sq. ft. of fence. If you will be staining both sides of the fence, multiply the result (800 sq. ft.) by 2.

Paint and Exterior Stain Coverage | The Home Depot Community14 May 2014 ... Exterior Deck Stain and Paint: Behr Premium Weather Proofing Solid Stain: 1st Coat 200-400 square feet; 2nd Coat 400-800 square feet. Behr Premium Weather Proofing Semi-Transparent Stain: 1st Coat: 250-300 square feet; 2nd ... Behr Solid House and fence Wood Stain: 1st coat 200- 400 square feet; 2nd coat 250- 500 square feet ... Last, but not least, here are some calculators that can help you figure out how much paint or stain you will need for your project.

Calculate Sq Ft for Fence Help (how much, stain, building ...I never was good at math but I am staining a fence and trying to calculate how much stain I need. Help would be much appreciated... The fence is made.

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