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Porcelain Pavers - Tile Tech PaversPorcelain pavers are a alternative solution for roof decks and other paving applications and are lightweight , scratch, stain and frost resistant.

Porcelain Pavers, Porcelain Tiles - Paver SearchStructural porcelain pavers are quickly becoming the material of choice among contractors, architects and landscape professionals as they are lighter weight, more weather resistant, and lower maintenance than alternative paver materials, and ... With an impressive 2,000lb load capacity, porcelain pavers are only (3/4)" thick and weigh just 9lbs per square foot, which makes them less expensive to ship to a job site, easier to install, and an ideal solution

QWICKBUILD | ADVANCED DECK FRAME SOLUTION - OUTDURECREATE YOUR IDEAL EXTERIOR SPACE WITH THE EXTREMELY VERSATILE, light-WEIGHT, QWICKBUILD SUB-FRAME SYSTEM FOR deckING / TILES / TURF. Outdure's innovative use of proven materials and engineering have revolutionised the design and construction of stunning exterior living spaces. The QwickBuild structural framing system is designed as a specialist decking solution for low height installations (e.g. over waterproof membranes on rooftop decks).

Weight of Concrete Pavers | Hunker22 Nov 2011 ... Permeability is one advantage of using concrete pavers for patios, walkways and other outdoor surfaces you might otherwise cover with concrete or asphalt. When set on a bed ... The ideal weight and thickness of the concrete pavers you'll install depends on whether you'll be walking on them or driving on them. ... lighter, thinner pavers those between 1 inch and 2 inches thick are generally suited to garden paths, walkways, patios, steps, porches and pool decks.

Tech Spec 14 Concrete Paving Units for Roof ... - CastleLite Blocktional weight, units as thin as. 11/2 in. (40 mm) have been used in pedestrian applica- tions. For vehicular uses, the recommended minimum thickness of units is 31/8 in. (80 mm). Figure 3. Concrete paver (left) and a concrete paving slab (right): similar paving products with varying applications for roof decks. Figure 4. Some ballast-type slabs for roof decks are made with lightweight concrete materials. They can be joined with tongue-and- grooves and/or with connectors to resist wind.

ODF - Design GuideStatement: Outdoor Floor System is a durable decking technology for placing porcelain, thin gauged stone, paver grade material or mixed mediai.e turf, plant beds, rubber pavers placed in any orientation, uniform or mixed modular sizes, over joist framing on an elevated deck or waterproofed rooftop terrace on pedestals. It utilizes components that are inert to moisture and the damaging effects of freeze-thaw cycles. The permanently flexible adhesive, open joints and open, ...

Tile Tech Pavers: Concrete Pavers | Roof Pavers | Pedestal PaversPorcelain pavers · natural-plank-big. natural-plank-big. teak-plank. teak-plank. rustic-maple. rustic-maple. rustic-oak. rustic-oak. sand-stone. sand-stone. gray-stone. gray-stone. Tile Tech's Porce-Pave porcelain pavers are a lightweight and thin alternative over traditional concrete pavers, specially when used on elevated roof decking applications.

Lightweight Roof Pavers, Roof Deck Pavers - Stepstone, Inclightweight Roof pavers by Stepstone, Inc, a manufacturer of Concrete Roof pavers for National Distribution.

The Latest in PVC Decking PLUS a Lightweight Paver for ...27 Apr 2015 ... PVC decking that looks for all the world like real wood. lightweight pavers for resurfacing an existing deck or patio.

Roof Pavers | Roof Deck Pavers - Tile Tech PaversRoof pavers & deck tiles by Tile Tech, provide leveling, drainage, durability & protection from harsh weather conditions on all roof decks and plaza.

Roof Pavers / Pedestal Systems - Hanover Architectural ProductsGreen Roofs. Hanover Roof pavers work hand in hand with Green Roof assemblies to provide environmental benefits while creating aesthetically appealing rooftops and plaza gardens.Explore. Ballast pavers. Standard Ballast Thickness: 1 13/16 Weight: 23 ... Diamond is a ballast paver finish. Ballast pavers. Hanover manufactures two types of Roof Ballast pavers Standard pavers for Walkway and Ballast and lightweight Ballast pavers.Explore. Pedestal pavers. Sized at 24 ...

Light Weight Concrete Pavers for Roof | Sunny Brook | Paver ...Quality and cost effective light weight concrete architectural pavers for commercial buildings - roofs, rooftops, and roof decks.

Westile Roofing Ballast Paver Lightweight and Easy to InstallBallast Paver is the easiest lightweight concrete paver to install and is designed to interlock with one another forming a ballast system that effectively secures single-ply roofing membranes. Ballast Paver can be used as a walkway, perimeter ballast, or can fully cover a roof for ultimate protection from wind and UV damage. Five colors are available: One standard Natural Gray color and Four Custom Colors (custom colors are an up-charge), warranty information is also available in ...

Porce Rustica - Tile Tech PaversTile Tech's range of porcelain pavers are particular usefull for exterior raised decking when used in conjunction with our Hybrid Adjustable Pedestal System, for constructing a durable, attractive deck surface over existing utilities or to create perfectly level rooftop decks. Due to their light weight characteristics, porcelain pavers are much easier to transport and install, especially in high-rise building applications where they can be easily transported in service elevators. And because of ...

PAVERDECK Lifetime Maintenance-Free DecksThe only lifetime maintenance-free deck available. Concrete or stone Paverdeck. Contact us today at 1-800-725-5228.

Tile Tech Porce-PaveTM - Tile Tech Paversappearance of individual timber decking slats but on a continual anti-slip surface the aesthetics of timber without color fade or maintenance. Porce-Plank offers the classic look of natural wood without the disadvantages: Wood-Slat Effect. Hybrid Pedestal. 24 x 24 x 3/4. Teak-Plank. High Load bearing. Fire proof. Frost proof. Cost effective. Installation over single ply membranes. Non porous. Highly stain resistant. Highly slip resistant. Hidden services w/ easy access. light weight -9 ...

Rooftop & Terrace Decks | All Decked OutRecent materials innovations have given us porcelain tile pavers that can span between pedestals or joists. Porcelain tiles are far lighter than concrete pavers, but heavy enough that they can be used on rooftops. Porcelain is a great option in instances where fire code precludes use of wood. They are available in a wide array of colors and finishes. Read More Here. 2ft x 2ft porcelain tile dimensions: 23 1/2 x 23 1/2 x 3/4 2ft x 2ft porcelain tile weight: 35.0 lbs each / 8.75 lbs per ...

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